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Hi! I'm Sherri

At last...

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We’ve found each other for a reason...

...because I've traveled your path.

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There's no reason why you can't live a life you love, a life you choose.
Let me help you find it.  

Starting with not knowing what was wrong, the tests, specialists...and the eventual diagnosis. Grappling with the What if’s, trying to let go of the fear that kept me from moving on. Ultimately finding acceptance and now striving to live my best life. I want to share my winning strategies and tools to help you.

I understand the rollercoaster journey each day brings. I was a fit, fabulous wife, mother, nurse and massage therapist who loved being active and making the most of each day. Then I was told, “You have cancer”.

After being diagnosed and surviving cancer, my life forever changed, and I navigated a new path. This involved traversing physical and mental obstacles, finding acceptance of this “new after cancer” me, and totally reshaping life and my expectations.

Whether you found me through social media or from a referral, Welcome!  I believe it was meant to be.  What I offer you is my full attention with a holistic coaching plan specifically designed for you. Just as every cancer is different so is every individual. We will customize our work together, so you get exactly what you need.

There are multiple specialists and modalities that make up an ideal care team. I am not a physician and do not attempt to diagnose, prescribe, treat or cure. I can, however, be your anchor. Studies show that being held accountable when trying to achieve new goals leads to a greater success rate. By providing emotional support and guidance for self-management will keep you moving forward on a path of self-discovery.

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cancer, survivor, caregiver, support, empowerment

The Mission

 After being told I was a survivor, I felt alone, scared. and wondered "Now what?"  I couldn’t find any help to validate that these feelings were normal.  The lack of real guidance was the catalyst for me to reinvent myself.


The medical team did exactly what they were supposed to: save my life. When treatment ended, I felt like I was given a parachute as I leapt from a plane into survivorship. But, they never told me how to pull the cord for a safe landing into my post cancer life.


My mission is to provide you support throughout the recovery journey.  Simply stated, to guide you in creating a life you love to live.

We’ll focus on discovering and letting go of that which no longer serves you. Through learning and incorporating self-care practices, you will reclaim your power and create a life you love, not just exist through.


Our emphasis will be on living in the present; we will focus less on the “why’s” and “what if’s”, finding strength in the power of now. Together, we will create a plan of how to get there with the foundation built firmly on a mindset of empowerment and acceptance.

I am so happy to welcome you here! 

A little bit about me:

My diverse background and life experiences have allowed me to travel many roads. Ultimately those roads have all converged on this path to be your guide to finding the life you want.

I have worked as a Registered Nurse, Massage Therapist, Holistic Wellness Coach, Yoga and Meditation Instructor. I am also a Reiki master and hold my certification in Aromatherapy.


My husband and I co-authored a book titled:

“Welcome to the Other Side! Reclaiming Life after Surviving and Caregiving Through the Abyss of Cancer”


We are both volunteers with cancer support organizations, serving as guides helping cancer patients and caregivers navigate their cancer journeys.


Now, I use my combined skills and varied experiences to help others find a new purposeful path.

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