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“The story of patient-survivor and caregiver is full of intertwining, yet different parallel experiences. If cancer were a pair of eyeglasses to be shared, it was if were looking through two totally different lenses.”
— from Welcome to the Other Side!

Our Inspiration

Our Why”

Life can pivot on a dime...

And when it changes EVERYTHING!  We've been there. 

* In any given instant, any one of us can be completely uprooted from the lives we have laid out for ourselves.  Who sits around and plans for a traumatic illness to happen? Certainly not us. But not so long ago, our lives came to an abrupt halt and we blindsided as Sherri was struck with cancer. Cancer...the "C" word...

* We certainly never envisioned we would be spending days and months in a hospital, enduring treatments, complications and emergency surgeries. And coming out of that storm, we could find no buoys to mark the course back to normal. Often, in fact, we would find ourselves trying to steer the ship in opposite directions resulting in deeper frustrations with each other and the illness that put us in this tumultuous ocean.


* Welcome to the Other Side is the vehicle that will allow us to help you and others. Whether you are in the midst of a battle for your life, or perhaps now muddling your way through recovery, or even a caregiver doing your best to provide whatever support you can.

Making It Matter...

Sherri and John Snoad, Surviving Cancer

* Somewhere in the midst of recovery, we looked at each other both said the same thing: THIS HAS TO MATTER. The lessons we learned and pathways we forged almost blindly, most certainly go a long way to help others.

* And THIS is our inspiration for Welcome to the Other Side.  We finally made it to the other side of illness.  Now we intend to use that experience to help you others.  

This button will take you to the life-changing event that inspired us to write Welcome to the Other Side

Tropical Beach
“This ride we are about to take you on is told as a dual narrative, with the two unique perspectives of illness and recovery, helping survivors and caregivers alike find inspiration to forge ahead, knowing there is hope on the other side.” 
— from Welcome to the Other Side!
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