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A Brand New Journey...

Updated: Apr 19, 2021 the OTHER SIDE...

A New Path…

Everybody has a story…and our stories are unique to each of us. We can certainly try to predict what our stories will be, make plans and work towards our goals and dreams, but sometimes changes happen and you may find your life is a book that is being written as you grow and age. Tomorrow hasn’t happened yet so how can you know what the next page will say? It could be a continuation of the mundane or your entire world can be upended! But then, the unexpected blind sides us like a bat to the head! Our story hit us out of the blue!

And it changed us, at first devastatingly, but over time, creating a new normal and a new sense of purpose.

New pathways can be exciting and scary. They can be a source of of elation, joy, frustration or even confusion. The one given we can count on is that life’s road will twist and turn and we will never really know what is just around the bend. If nothing else, since we cannot anticipate exactly what is coming, perhaps the knowledge that change is inevitable can bring some solace in the face of worry.

Really? We are doing this? No one could have ever told us that one day we would launch an entire social media platform to promote a book we wrote. No one could have told us we would ever experience a traumatic event and then document it into our book! But life threw a curve our way and now our purpose has come into focus: let our journey and experiences serve to help others going through a difficult time with no road map, just as we did.

Through blogs, newsletters, posts on our social media, and even some podcasts, we plan to share nuggets here and there to help any all who maybe just a need a nudge, a positive line or two, a quick reassurance, or even an eye-opening story to get on track.

Here is a little about us, Sherri and John Snoad and what inspired us to write our book Welcome to the Other Side! and launch our platform.

But really, who are we and why should you listen to anything we have to say? Who we are is simple...people just like you. We are your average hard working people who go to work everyday, we've raised a family, we cherish life and just a short time ago, we found ourselves staring down the barrel of a shotgun called cancer. It was sudden, unexpected and life-altering.

What we offer you... is our journey, our peaks and valleys, success and failures, our thoughts and ideas that may just offer you a pathway out of your own struggles, and open your eyes to a way to get to the other side of whatever you are facing. We don't claim to have all the answers, but one thing we look back on and say: we both wish we had someone, somewhere, something to turn to for guidance while on the cancer journey, especially on the arduous and rocky road of recovery.


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