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About our Services

Balanced Well-being Program

* Our bodies are an intertwined complexity of many components. Many of us focus on healing what we can see: our physical self; or what we feel: our emotional self.

* The reality is we need to strive for balance in our whole being: physical, emotional, mental, spiritual, social and environmental.

* Over the course of your program, we will create personalized wellness plans focusing on finding balance in these six fundamental areas. Finally, after we successfully build your plan, you will be ready to Soar back into the life you choose!

The Mental

Emotionally happy_edited.jpg

The mind gets stuck on patterns that have been ingrained by years of experiences. We will work together to make new, healthier patterns in your thinking. Quieting the self-sabotaging, worst case scenario voice takes practice; these patterns have been around a long time. With support and learning the right tools, you can develop mindset patterns that foster positive thoughts.

The Emotional

Beach Yoga

A critical piece of emotional balance is self-care. When we are stressed, we often internalize that stress.  We try to plow through instead of being kind to ourselves and taking time for a reset. Having the right tools and techniques to reduce chronic stress, anxiety, and feelings of isolation are important and easy to learn. Implementing positive coping strategies and relaxation techniques will help you better deal with stress that appears in your daily life.

The Physical

Women Walking

Starting an exercise routine can feel intimidating, but incorporating even a little bit of movement into our daily life can enhance both physical and emotional wellbeing. Sleep and nutrition also contribute to our physical wellbeing. Changing exercise, sleep and nutrition habits may be overwhelming at first, but let’s work together on a plan being mindful of your vulnerability, ability and energy level and get you at a place that feels good.

The Spiritual

Hiking in Nature_edited.jpg

Religion most often comes to mind when we mention spirituality. Actually, spirituality is an individual practice giving us a sense of peace and purpose. We will dive in to discover what it is that gives you calm and inner peace. Perhaps a long-forgotten hobby or being in nature. Nourishing what feeds us spiritually is an important part of total body healing.

The Social

Women Laughing on Beach

As human beings, connection with others is vital. During treatment we are often isolated; being in this isolated container can get comfortable, making it difficult to socialize with others when treatment is over.  Maybe friends have moved on, but you haven’t been able to get back to living. You are different now and not sure how this new self fits back into your social circle. Let’s discover ways to reintegrate into the world you want to design.

The Environmental

Hand Touching Water

Our immune systems protect us, but sometimes it gets overwhelmed with all the toxins and pollutants in our environment. We can make choices to eliminate or minimize the toxins from going into our body or our home, creating the healthiest possible living environment.  We will explore pathways for you to make simple changes to have a healthier living space.

SOAR Session


This is your last session in which you will be taking ownership of your new plan! If you have practiced and done the work, you will find your toolbox has been filled with what you need to create a life that is no longer ruled by your illness, but instead allows you to find balance and more enjoyment every day!

The Balanced Well-Being Program

Your 6 Month Program Includes:

An Initial 60-minute Launch

 and Goal Setting Session

* This is a personal 1:1 session/virtual

11 Individual 60-minute Coaching Sessions

* Personal1:1 sessions/virtual

6 Group 60-minute Coaching Sessions

*Learn through community/virtual

6 Accountability Check-Ins

* 1:1 Ten minutes call or text

(client preference) 

A variety of materials, integrations, and self-empowering lessons designed to help you grow and build your plan for the life you choose.

Free SOAR Kit

Caregiver Coaching

Caregivers are forgotten heroes who need support and self-care. Supporting someone through illness requires undying commitment.


Your life has become a rollercoaster you can't escape, yet you suppress your feelings to protect your loved ones. You may be feeling guilt wishing you could take the illness on for them, you ask why should my needs matter right now?


Because YOU matter! 

You are more than a caregiver; you are a person and to be strong, it is critical to maintain your balanced wellness as much as possible.

In sessions we design for your situation, we will build an amazing toolkit to empower you to be your best self resulting in a better caregiver for your loved one.  We will tailor your personal caregiving manual to meet your needs so you can meet the needs of those you love.

*Individual 1:1 sessions

on an as needed basis.

Additional Balanced Wellness Services

Fearless Mindset Call

* Discuss your most pressing concerns

* Discuss the framework of a plan to help you. This will allow you to decide if we would be a good fit to work together.

* We will look at what working together could look like, realizing that a more consistent regular coaching program will develop and better integrate life changing practices and yield better long-term results.

*Free 30 minute call

Reiki Healing

* Reiki is an energy healing technique that promotes relaxation, reduces stress and anxiety through gentle touch of the energy field either long distance or in person.

* Reiki practitioners deliver and move energy through your body, improving the flow and balance of your energy to support healing.

* Client’s report feeling centered in a more healing space.

* 60-minute reiki healing either long-distance or in person.

Chakra Healing

* Chakra Healing helps to release blocked emotional energy, old patterns and negative emotions.

* The Chakra energy centers can become blocked due to stress, anxiety, depression and trauma causing the mind/body out of harmonious union.

* This session identifies blocked energy, clears the blockage and balances the Chakras.

* This helps achieve an 'at-ease' state from 'dis-ease' state in the physical body.

* 60-minute Chakra healing session either long distance or in person

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