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John and Sherri Snoad
Conquering Cancer!
John Snoad Cancer Caregiver
Couples Yoga

Yes, we are yogis!

A Little About the Snoads

We get it. We are just like you: ordinary people blindsided by an extraordinary event; an event that inspired us to build this site in support of people just you and so many others, AND one that also inspired us to become first time authors; to be a voice for those on the arduous road of recovery.

Sherri Snoad
John Snoad
Front cover, Welcome to the Other Side!
Back cover, Welcome to the Other Side!

​     Hi I'm Sherri! I am one of the countless people in the world who was blindsided with a cancer diagnosis. As a registered nurse and licensed massage therapist, I have had the unique perspective of experiencing both sides of illness. As a medical professional, I have cared for countless patients experiencing the devastation of illness, never expecting to find myself on the other side as a patient myself. The experience taught me things I never could have known as the professional, transforming my understanding of illness and trauma. Effectively using holistic modalities in my practice, I never realized how vital these practices would be to healing and finding my whole self after illness.

     Hey everyone, I am John and I was suddenly and unexpectedly thrust into the role of caregiver. A career high school teacher and football coach, I never could have imagined the skills I spent years developing and applying in the classroom and on the field would play such a pivotal role as a caregiver. No more game I was creating care plans using my abilities to multitask, organize and adapt, as well as to motivate and coach my team of one: Sherri. As a head coach, forethought and decision-making while maintaining a calm, collective demeanor were all paramount to my teams’ successes in the heat of competition. Now it was time to transition those skills for one purpose: we were in a game we could not afford to lose. The stakes were too high. Winning was the only option.

     Giving back after our experience is something we are committed to.  We are members of the Cancer Hope Network, The James Ambassadors Society at The Ohio State University, The James Patient/Family Advisory Council, and The H.O.P.E. Program at The James at Ohio State as well. We are matched with patients and caregivers to be a listening ear and offer any support we are able. The advisory council allows us, as former patient and caregiver, to offer our insight and input to hospital planning, new construction and services.

     We are Yogis! Recently we both earned certifications to teach yoga and further embrace a healthy, active lifestyle. Some of our interests include hiking and travel. Our family is a growing one with three adult sons, two of whom are married. 

We can't wait to have you join us on this journey as we WELCOME YOU TO THE OTHER SIDE!

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